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McCarthy Trade Training Centre

McCarthy Catholic College was established in 1986 as a senior secondary college in the greater Penrith region.  It became a Year 7-12 co-educational college in 1999. Further buildings and facilities were added in 2008 with the addition of an industrial kitchen, extra science laboratory and multimedia room.

The McCarthy Trade Training Centre was added to the offering in 2010. This facility allows students to stay on at school and achieve their HSC with the opportunity to source a School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship (SBAT), within a flexible timetable structure.

Historically the McCarthys were an Irish family hailing from County Antrim.  Their western Sydney homestead at Cranebrook on the banks of the Nepean River, known by the aboriginal people as Deerubbin, was a foundation site of Catholic faith in Sydney.

The McCarthy homestead was the centre of priestly contact in an oppressive English and Protestant area. The McCarthys, as lay Catholics, played a substantial role from 1808-1818, when the catholic population of Sydney had no priest. It was a time when the faith was kept alive by people such as the McCarthys.

They were people of faith, they were ‘real’, they believed in hard work, they were survivors who took risks. All in all they were the personification of the school’s motto of Integrity, Justice and Peace and the reason for the College’s name.

Principal Leader

Mrs Tania Cairns

Assistant Principal- CTTC

Mr John Wills

Leader of Learning - Industry and Workplace

Mr Tim Summers

Leader of Learning - Vocational Education

Mr Geoff Sullivan

Leader of Learning - CTTC

Mrs Peta Weber


Homeroom Teachers/Mentors

Leader of Learning Year 11 and 12 (TTC) Mr Chris Levy
TTC 1 Mr Paulo Pajaron
TTC 2 Mr Paul O'Brien/Mrs Mary Mansour
TTC 3 Miss Kirstene Ciappara
TTC 4 Mrs Evenil Contemplacion   
TTC 5 Ms Corrida Nohra
TTC 6 Mrs Lisa Lynch


TTC Teaching Area

TTC Teaching Staff/Mentors

Catholic Studies/English Studies/CAFS

Miss Kirstene Ciappara

Catholic Studies/English Studies

Ms Corrida Nohra

Mathematics/Financial Services/Catholic Studies

Mrs Lisa Lynch


Mr Chris Levy

Catholic Studies/English Studies/Business Services

Mrs Mary Mansour             

Mathematics/Financial Services

Mr Paul O’Brien

Financial Services

Mr Paulo Pajaron

Business Services

Mrs Evenil Contemplacion

English Studies Mrs Peta Weber


McCarthy Based Trade Trainers

Trade/Vocational Area

Metals and Engineering (Year 12)

Mr Andrew Diaz



Early Childhood Education and Care

Mrs Janet Tawadros


College Wellbeing Counsellor

Mrs Jessica Austin

TTC Learning Support Mrs Margaret O'Donnell
TTC Industry and Workplace Admin Support Mrs Kim Arts
TTC Enrolment Secretary and Administrator Mrs Katrina Gill

What We Offer

We offer Year 11 and 12 students an exciting and engaging program laying the foundations and training for their chosen career.

The learning undertaken in the McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre is directly related to the world of work and industry. The demands and expectations placed on students are high – similar to those expected in any workplace, including each day starting at 8:50am and ending at 4:10pm.

We cater to all interested students across western Sydney and offer:

  • more qualifications and more options
  • a flexible schooling experience
  • combined study with a trade
  • a Statement of Attainment towards a Certificate II and/or Certificate III qualification in the trade area of their choice, along with the HSC
  • on the job experience and mentoring with industry professionals
  • school based HSC assessments with no external HSC examinations
  • significant industry placement program
  • an opportunity to complete paid work (school-based apprenticeships)

Our ability to combine learning and work is realised through the specialised learning 

Features include:

  • modern learning environment on site at McCarthy Catholic College, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens
  • four large trade workshop areas for the automotive, engineering (metals fabrication), carpentry and brick and blocklaying
  • state-of-the-art electrotechnology workshop area
  • a fully functional hairdressing salon
  • industry standard commercial kitchen
  • a simulated childcare centre
  • technology rich learning spaces
  • school library and existing college facilities


Students have a wider range of career options at the end of their HSC year, as a result of obtaining a statement of attainment towards trade and VET qualifications combined with their HSC. They will have also gained significant employability skills through the completion of our extensive industry placement program.

Financial benefits include:

  • an opportunity to complete paid work  as a School-Based Apprentice/Trainee (SBAT)
  • State and Commonwealth government assistance for school-based apprentices and trainees
    • travel concessions and rebates on car registration
    • Employers are also entitled to government incentives for employing a SBAT 

McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre (CTTC) is located on-site at McCarthy Catholic College, Emu Plains which is conveniently located 500 meters from Emu Plains station and nestled along the picturesque Nepean River. Students have easy access to bus and train services in both the morning and afternoon.


McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre (CTTC)
75 Mackellar Street
Emu Plains NSW 2750
T: 4728 8129

For more information please contact McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre by email or phone 4728 8129 weekdays between 8:30am and 4pm.

The Trade Training Centres in Schools program was part of the Commonwealth Government’s Education Revolution designed to increase the number of students achieving Year 12 or an equivalent qualification and help address skill shortages in traditional trades and emerging industries.

In 2008, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, successfully applied for $6.7 million of Federal funding enabling the establishment of the McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre, Penrith.

The way in which McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre (CTTC) is funded means that it is made up of four Catholic schools:
- Caroline Chisholm College, Glenmore Park
- McCarthy Catholic College, Emu Plains
- St. Columba's Catholic Catholic College, Springwood
- Xavier College, Llandilo

McCarthy CTTC welcomes enrolment from students of any Catholic or non-Catholic school across western Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Penrith and Hawkesbury regions and beyond.


McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre (CTTC) offers students a unique and exciting pathway to their future.

McCarthy CTTC enables students to gain experience and skills in their chosen trade while completing their Higher School Certificate (HSC). Equipped with specialist trade workshops, McCarthy CTTC  provides young people with the training and skills needed for a successful career and the best chance possible of entry into an apprenticeship or traineeship. Transition from school to work is supported by providing our young people with real world skills whilst mentoring and guiding them towards success.


Features of the program at McCarthy

  • complete Years 11 and 12 in a senior Catholic school
  • gain the Higher School Certificate
  • achieve outcomes towards Certificate II, III or IV qualifications in their chosen trade
  • opportunity to complete the equivalent of a first year apprenticeship
  • additional VET studies in Business and Financial Services to equip students for their future careers
  • no external HSC examinations 
  • All students are assigned a teacher mentor through their industry based learning HSC subject



Certificate II, III or IV trades offered:

  • Automotive (Light Vehicle Servicing)
  • Brick and Block Laying
  • Carpentry
  • Early Childhood Education & Care (Childcare)
  • Electrotechnology (Electrician)
  • Engineering (Metals Fabrication)
  • Hairdressing
  • Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)
  • Plumbing


During Year 11 and 12 School-Based Apprentices/Trainees spend one day a week performing paid work for their employer, with extra days worked during timetabled work blocks to add up to a minimum of 100 days, depending on the qualification sought.

While at school, students study a combination of academic subjects relevant to their chosen trade and complete formal training at a Certificate II, III or IV level in the multi-million dollar facilities using industry standard equipment.

McCarthy CTTC accesses specialist trainers to deliver the trade courses to our students. Much time and research has been spent in selecting the best quality of trade trainers for our students. We use a combination of private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and our own qualified teachers on-staff to deliver exceptional training.

Delivering an excellent standard in Trade Training is a priority for McCarthy CTTC.

McCarthy CTTC offers a unique HSC package which has been designed to increase student qualifications and combines relevant courses to support the trade pathway. Students use laptops and iPads and often engage in online learning.

Each trade course contributes at least two units towards the HSC in order to satisfy the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) requirements.

Students study a variety of the following HSC courses depending on their chosen trade:

  • English Studies
  • Catholic Studies
  • Industry Based Learning
  • Mathematics (Standard)
  • Business Services (and Specialisation)
  • Financial Services
  • Community and Family Studies

Each school week for students enrolled at the McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre is set out as follows:

3 days a week HSC courses  
1 day a week Trade day Students learn the theory and practical aspects of their trade 
1 day a week Flexible learning day School-based apprentices/trainees use this day for paid work. Other students are able to utilise their flexible day for home or school-based study. 

School with a Difference

Our unique program has been designed to maximise each students’ learning and experiences while accelerating them towards their future career.

Unlike most schools and trade schools, McCarthy CTTC offers a diverse range of courses at Certificate II, III or IV level while students also complete their Higher School Certificate (HSC).

The non-Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) programs of study assist students to achieve their HSC without the demands of HSC exams. Teachers are able to target the learning experiences for students that are relevant and build on the essential skills to be successful in the workplace long after they complete school.


What are the Benefits?

  • Complete Years 11 and 12 in a Catholic school
  • Gain the Higher School Certificate
  • Attain numerous VET Statements of Attainment or full qualifications
  • Opportunity to complete the equivalent of a first year apprenticeship
  • Improved transition from school to work
  • Develop essential employability skills
  • Learn with greater flexibility and relevance
  • Online learning in a technology rich environment
  • Be supported by mentors who provide valuable advice to students and are vital contacts for parents and employers.

Students completing their HSC in the TTC belong to the wider McCarthy Catholic College community. 

Our trainers and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are listed below:




Motor Traders Association (MTA)

Brick & Block

Western Sydney Institute of TAFE


Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta

Early Childhood Education and Care

Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta


Western Sydney Institute of TAFE

Engineering (Metals)

Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta


Western Sydney Institute of TAFE


Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta


Western Sydney Institute of TAFE




Itemised accounts will be sent out at the beginning of the first 3 terms. Full payment is required each term by the due date shown on the school account. 

Fees are made up of a tuition fee and a building levy charged by the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Parramatta (Diocesan fees).  Additionally, the school-based charges are designed to cover resources, compulsory activities, technology and trade subjects incurred by McCarthy Catholic Trade Training Centre.

The amounts listed below cover costs for a full school year of 40 weeks (30 weeks - Year 12) and are indicative of the 2019 costs. Fees are subject to change each calendar year.

  First Child
Second Child
Third Child
Year 11 and 12
Per Year
  Per Term

Diocesan School Building Levy

$804 billed over 3 terms 
(p/family p/year billed on the eldest child school account)
$268 (Term 1) 
$268 (Term 2) 
$268 (Term 3)

Resource Fee (per student) 


Activity Fee (per student)
$177 (Year 11)
$135 (Year 12)
Family Levy (per family)


Trade Training Centre Levy (per student)



Should you have any queries please contact McCarthy CTTC on 4728 8129.